Laser Nail Specialist

Laser Nail Specialist


Nail Fungus can be an extremely embarrassing condition especially as summer approaches and there is more opportunity to wear open shoes. Many patients are not aware of the fact once their nails become infected with nail fungus over time the fungus will spread from nail to nail until it infects most if not all nails. Painting them to hide the appearance of the nail is an option, however what most people do not realise is that this does become a less viable option as the nail decays more and more.

As a Laser Nail Specialist, Podiatrist Dr Bastin sees a number of patients that can no longer just paint nails or hide them by having a fake nail adhered to the “rotten”nail as there is simply not enough nail for the pedicurist to use to get a nail to stay on.

laser nail specialist

Fungal infection where nail has eroded back.

It is better to treat nails before they get to this stage, so what is the best form of treatment to cure this condition. Topical medications have been around for years and there seems to be an abundance of new topical treatments available over the Internet almost on a daily basis. If they worked reliably Podiatrists would be quick to jump on the band wagon and use these on their patients. The truth of the matter is there have been NO clinical trials done on the majority of them, however people seem happy to try them.

So what should I treat my nails with, well some people do get a “cure” from oral medications about 40% on average but these medications come with terrible side effects when you weigh up the cure rates with the side effects you will surely come up with what we feel which is they are not worth trying.

So if topical preparations are ineffective and the side effects vs  benefits of oral medications do not stack up then what do I do.

Laser Nail Specialist

Dr Greg Bastin has specialised in the treatment of nail fungus for over 15 years now he has tried many forms of treatments over the years. Greg a laser nail specialist has found that treatment with the correct laser and the correct technique is the best form of treatment that exists currently on the market. There are No side effects with laser and the success rate is over 80%.

Dr Bastin has been using this laser treatment in Australia for over 2 years now and has great success with its use. He is only one of a few Podiatrists that have used several lasers and compared their effectiveness clinically. He has lectured at Dermatology conferences in China on the treatment of Onychomycosis (Nail Fungus) using laser.

Dr Bastin is a Laser Nail Specialist and is happy to discuss your problem and work to finally rid yourself of Nail Fungus.

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