Toe Nail Fungus

Dr Greg Bastin was the first Podiatrist in Victoria to use Laser therapy to treat Onychomycosis (Toe Nail Fungus) we have been using this technology to treat Nail Fungus for 2 years now.

Greg was never just happy to buy a laser and start treating patients with toenail fungus he spent a large amount of time in the USA visiting with Podiatrists who are leaders in the field of treating fungus of the toe nail with laser.  Greg continues to try new ways to get better results than most laser manufacturers quote. Greg is the only Podiatrist in Australia to use multiple different lasers within his clinic, we find that this enables us to give the patients the best chance of curing this disease. We use the Pinpointe footlaser and the CoolTouch Laser in the clinic.

Greg also uses 2 other lasers within his practice and has done clinical trials on another laser for the manufacturer. “Not all lasers will work properly to resolve Onychomycosis” if even a few spores remain the infection will return.

Greg is concerned with the trend of laser companies to make statements that their laser can be used to treat Fungus of the toe nail unfortunately many companies seem to be “jumping on the bandwagon”, it is important to ensure your practitioner is using the correct equipment.

As a Podiatrist I have been dealing with this condition for over 20 years, Onychomycosis has been a special interest of mine for the past 15 years. “I understand the concern it causes patients and will do my best to resolve the condition in each patient”. There are multiple organisms that cause this condition and each patient must be treated as an individual in order to get the best results. If an inappropriate laser is used or an inexperienced practitioner uses the laser the results will definitely be less than optimal, or the treatment may not destroy the fungus which wastes the patients time and money.

Greg has made many trips to the USA to keep up with the latest developments in the field of laser treatment of Onychomycosis. He has also lectured in China at the 17th annual dermatological meeting in Xian on the treatment of Onychomycosis with laser.  Greg maintains close contacts with dermatologists he met in China and regularly discusses ideas for improving the outcomes for patients suffering from fungus of the toe nail.

Toe Nail Fungus Treatment

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