Toe Fungus

Toe Fungus

Toe fungus or as it is medically known Onychomycosis effects the nail plates, there are many organisms which can cause nail fungus, notably Trichophyton rubrum once this organism gains entry to the nail plate it starts to grow and slowly will spread over the nail plate, and also it will spread from toe to toe. Basically the organism is using the keratin that the nail is made from as a food source it will progressively destroy the nail.

Where do I catch Toe Fungus

The most common place to have your toes infected with fungus are communal showers and motel showers we are also seeing an alarming increase in the condition among young females that have their nails done in nail bars. Unfortunately there are currently no sterilisation guidelines in place in the state of Victoria for these sort of establishments. The reality is that the vast majority use no form of sterilisation and as such pass toe fungus from client to client.

Medical advice should be sought as soon as a person notices any discolouration to the nail plate as generally the sooner the condition is treated the better the outcomes will be.

Treatment of Toe Fungus

At Brighton Podiatry we use the latest laser treatment on fungus in toes this has very high resolution rates we are currently resolving better than 80% of the patients we treat with this technology.


Toe Fungus

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