Tebinifine or Lamisil as it is known in Australia is marketed as an antifungal preparation. Lamisil must be prescribed by a doctor and is generally only taken for a period of 3 months. Patients should undergo a liver function test prior to Lamisil being taken. The major concerns of use of this medication is the possible side effects, the most notable being issues with the liver. Patients will sometimes complain of a change in their perception of taste and smell.

Lamisil Side Effects

The Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) does warn of severe side effects whilst using Lamisil oral. The TGA warns it may lead to liver failure, the TGA has received 722 notifications of adverse reactions to Lamisil this includes 70 Liver reactions, 61 of these were attributed to oral Lamisil. The age of the patients was from 20 to 85 years of age and all the side effects happened within a month of taking the oral version of Lamisil.

Three of the side effects resulted in death from liver failure, 10 side effects describe hepatitis and 12 describe jaundice. Of these side effects 27 recovered but 34 had not recovered  and the condition of a further 9 is not known.

The TGA does warn prescribing doctors that Lamisil Oral should be used as a last resort and should only involve short term use.

Patients must be given all information on Lamisil Side effects.

We do acknowledge that Oral use of Lamisil may clear nail fungus in 30%-40% of cases however when one looks into the side-effects they can be quite serious and we feel that the risks by far out weigh the benefits. At the end of the day it is up to the patient to make an informed decision on whether or not they wish to use Lamisil.


Lamisil is a medication which can help clear Onychomycosis but it has serious Side Effects

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