Fungus Treatment

Fungus Treatment


There are many forms of treatment for fungus available, these include topical agents such as Loceryl, Gordochom, Daktarin, Zeta Clear and numerous others. As Podiatrists we have seen the results or rather the lack of results to all of these. We have found them to be a total waste of patients time and money surveys carried out both here and in the USA would suggest the “cure rates” to be as low as 1%. We suggest patients should do their own research before using these products we regularly see patients that have spent hundreds of dollars and not cleared any of the fungus with this treatment method.

Fungus Treatment that works

To use any treatment for fungus you should have at the very least a 70% success rate any less than this is simply a waste of time and money. Currently there are only two treatments for fungus on the market.

  1. Surgical removal of the nail plate and debridement of the fungus under the nail plate.
  2. Laser fungus treatment.

Surgical removal involves a few days of pain and the total loss of the nail for up to a year while it grows back, with treatment of the fungus with laser there is only minimal pain during the procedure and the nail plate remains intact while the fungus naturally grows out.

Fungus Treatment with Laser

At Brighton Podiatry we believe that laser treatment is by far the best form of Nail fungus treatment currently available.

Fungus Treatment

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